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April 30, 2012

How Electronic Things Work And What To Do When They Don't PDF

I think you will find this book unique in its simple explanations and its many easy-to-understand illustrated drawings and photos of how electronic equipment works in the home or office. The brain storm for this type of book was started many years ago when my brother wanted to know how a picture was formed on a color TV. The planning, development, and portions of the drawings and writing for the first edition were in progress for eight years. The actual writing and production of the many photos and drawings took over two years. 
The mission of the second edition remains to take the mystery out of how electronic consumer products work, for persons with little or no electronic background. Not only does this book give you simplified electronic equipment operations, but hints and tips about what to check when the device does not work properly or does not work at all. There’s also information about how and what to clean, plus preventive maintenance that can be done to extend the life of these very expensive products. The book includes tips on how to protect products from voltage surges and lightning spike damage.


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