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January 24, 2013

100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories PDF

Realistic fiction deals with the here and now. Science fiction represents a wider field, for it deals with all the different futures, near and far, that might arise through any conceivable change in the level of science and technology. Surely, all the possible reasonable “might-be’s” are wider than the “is.” Fantasy represents

50 Short Science Fiction Tales PDF

You visit a world where Robots strain to remember the existence of the Men who created them; hear the tantalizingly brief report of a man who returns from a trip to the future; see the snake-armed Thing that emerges from the minds of the people who conjure it. You meet a souvenir hunter in the Thirtieth Century and a schoolgirl who tries to cope with the teaching methods of the Twenty-second Century.

December 19, 2012

Basic Korean | A Grammar and WorkBook PDF


The principles in writing these lessons have been that I remain intentional about making them as easy to understand and readily applicable in daily life as I can, and comprehensive enough to cover major points of Korean grammar which include both the Written and Spoken forms. Now, what do I mean by written and spoken forms? In Korean, the verb endings change depending on whether the language is used in writing or speech.

November 26, 2012

The HIndu-Yogi Science of Breath PDF

If you read and do the exercises in this book, amazing changes will result in your mind and body. These exercises are deceptive they don't seem impressive, any person, any child could do them, so it goes without saying most people will lose interest because it doesn't seem arcane enough. Those who do the work will be amazed by what results.

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