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April 30, 2012

How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic PDF

There is a keen sense of personal accomplishment to be gained from fixing something yourself that might otherwise have cost a fortune to repair or been recycled ahead of its time. Michael Jay Geier has known this joy since childhood. Now, for the first time, he shares his secrets in written and pictorial form. I've known Michael across three decades, multiple time zones and dozens of entertainment and technology projects and consulting gigs we've tackled together. Quite simply, Michael sees electronic products as songs or symphonies of components, specialized parts working in harmony when they leave the manufacturer.

Yet individual musicians may be missing or off-key when the product fails from age, misuse or random component failure. Like the keen orchestra conductor he was trained to be, Michael quickly zeroes in on what parts of a broken electronic product are out of tune, using many skills he will teach you in this book, along with instruments to sense and measure things beyond the human senses of sight and sound. Fixing and extending the life of products we love, including things no longer being made and for which there is no ready replacement, is a valuable skill worth developing and nurturing.


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