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December 20, 2011


In this part 
You' ve decided you want to become CCNA certified and let the world know how much you know about local area networks, wide area networks, routing, switching, the OSI Model, TCP/IP, and internetworking. So where do you start? In this part of the book, we give you the particulars about the test, how to schedule the test, where to go, and what to do.
The CCNA exam covers just about everything you need to know about setting up, configuring, installing, administering, and maintaining a network using Cisco hardware and software. You won t find questions on general computing and technical basics, however; you know the bits and bytes and how data moves over wires 
and between computers. The CCNA exam makes the assumption that if you don t already know this stuff, you won t understand most of the questions on the test to begin with, so why bother? However, you had better know the ins and outs of configuring a router and connecting it into a network. The CCNA exams are strictly pass-fail. If you get 755 of the total 1000 points possible, you pass. If you don t, well, you don t. It s that simple. Let us be your guide on what you should study for the test. 


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