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December 20, 2011


In this part. . .
Pity the researchers of yester-year! They had to trudge through rain and snow and cross barren deserts, vast forests, and forbidding mountains to their local library. After this incredible journey, all too often the information they needed was not available locally, and they had to start over — or worse yet, rely on inter-library loans! In this part,
I show you Google from the perspective of a researcher, explain how Google fits in with the rest of the Web, and introduce the topic of building tools that automate researching. Chapter 1 explains the kinds of search terms you can use with Google, shows you the parts of Google, and explains how to install and use the wonderful Google Toolbar. Chapter 2 shows you how to validate Web research results and explains search engine alternatives to Google that may be helpful for some kinds of research. Chapter 3 explains how to deliver research results and tells you about various ways to create your own custom software to build research tools that use Google.


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