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November 09, 2012

The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning PDF

I have always been fascinated by the many forms of strength. Whether it was testing myself
against my neighbor on Pull-Ups hanging from the clothesline at the tender age of 4, or training college athletes as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, or helping a 69-year old grandmother conquer osteoarthritis, strength has been
a constant part of my life. Kettlebells first appeared on my radar somewhere around 1997 when I was training wrestlers at Rutgers University. I saw a “kettle-stack” or something like that in an IronMind advertisement. I thought to myself, “These would be so much easier to teach and use than the barbell versions of the Olympic lifts for these guys.
Plus, I could make them do lots of reps for specific conditioning…” Then I laughed one of those evil movie laughs. By the time I bought my first set of kettlebells in 2002, I had moved on from Rutgers and was running my own personal training business. My clients instantly noticed the changes in their physiques and performances after introducing them to kettlebells. Personally, I love kettlebells because they remind me of Olympic weightlifting, my sport of obsession, um…choice. They allow you (and me) to replicate many of the amazing benefits of Olympic weightlifting (strength, speed, flexibility, power…) without all the time, effort, and specialized equipment. Kettlebells, says Pavel in the original Russian Kettlebell Challenge book,


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