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October 08, 2012

Knuth - Art of Computer Progamming Volume 2 pdf

THE  ALGORITHMS  discussed  in  this  book  deal  directly  with  numbers;  yet  I believe  they  are  properly  called  semi-numerical,  because  they  lie  on  the  borderline between  numeric  and  symbolic  calculation.  Each  algorithm  not  only  computes the  desired  answers  to  a  problem,  it  also  is  intended  to  blend  well  with  the internal  operations
 of  a  digital  computer.
 In  many  cases  a  person  will  not  be able  to  appreciate  the  beauty  of  such  an  algorithm  unless  he  or  she  also  has  some knowledge  of  a  computer’s  machine  language;  the  efficiency  of  the  corresponding machine  program  is  a  vital  factor  that  cannot  be  divorced  from  the  algorithm itself.  The  problem  is to  find  the  best  ways  to  make  computers  deal  with  numbers, and  this  involves  tactical  as  well  as  numerical  considerations.  


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