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May 03, 2012


Even if you can boast a gross little brother or sister who picks their nose or farts in your sleeping bag, believe it or not there are things going on right now all over the world that are far, far yuckier than that. Fully grown adults who should know better do some really horrible things, too. For instance, did you know that in some places people don’t let their dead rest in peace, keeping them up all hours (and years) joining in family celebrations?
Or that in other places people eat rotten food – and not because they forgot to go to the shops, but because they actually like it? Did you know that some animals eat their dinner while it’s still alive? And do you know what’s living in your body – apart from you? Would you like to find out? Then this is the book for you! Try to have a bucket handy – or you could pick up some sickness bags next time you go on a ship or a plane.


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