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April 11, 2012

A+ Certification for Dummies PDF

The exams are based on an industry-wide analysis of what a PC repair service technician with 6 months of experience should know to be considered competent. The results of this analysis were validated in a worldwide survey of thousands of A+ certified professionals. 
The two A+ certification exams are the Core Hardware exam (exam number 220-201) with 70 questions on microprocessors, displays, storage media and devices, printers, modems, buses, and other hardware components of a PC; and the OS Technologies exam (exam number 220-202) with 70 questions. Each test is geared to measure your knowledge over a variety of technical domains.

Each test domain focuses on a specific area of technical service procedures, tools, and skills. Some domains are emphasized more than others, so the number of questions from any particular domain varies. Tables 1-1 and 1-2 list the domains and the percentage of coverage that each domain has on the total test, as well as the approximate number of test questions for each domain


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