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April 26, 2012

101 Foods that could save your life PDF

My eighty-seven-year-old father’s favorite expression is “When you wake up in the morning and both feet hit the ground, you’re having a good day!” Indeed! But certainly the definition of “life” encompasses more than waking up and just existing, right? Isn’t it also enjoying a life as pain-free and disease-free as possible? That is a truly desirable manner of living. Sometimes it seems that our joyous holiday or regular dinner conversations revolve around nagging health ailments that constantly interfere with living. George now has gout, Grandma has diabetes, Suzy has irritable bowel syndrome, and your sister complains that she can’t lose those last ten pounds (well, maybe twenty), even on the latest deprivation diet. In response and without fail, someone at that dinner table always comes up with a home remedy or a wonder food, heard about from a friend, that is sure to cure the ailment. Yes, everyone feels that they have some expertise in the field of nutrition, but whether their advice is sound or even safe to follow can be a roll of the dice. Still, there are foods that hold vast curing and ameliorative powers. You just need to know how to find them.


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