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March 25, 2012


As humble a user you may be of the Internet, you are pitted against the sharks of the information super highway daily. Problem with that is the stealth by which it happens. Currently about 30-40% of all users are aware of the happenings on their computer.
The others simply either don’t care or don’t have the proper “know how” to recognize if their system is under attack and or being used. You bought this manual because you are concerned about your privacy on the Internet. As well you should be. On the Internet nothing is quite what it appears to be. 

The uninformed will get hurt in many ways.By taking interest in your privacy and safety, you have proven yourself to be above the rest. You can never  ave enough information. Information is power and the more  informed you as a user become the less likely you are to fall prey to the sharks of the Internet. In this manual, I will cover with you things that may scare you. Some things may even make you paranoid about having a computer. Don’t be discouraged though, as I will also tell you how to protect yourself. 

The reasons for telling you the “dirt” if you will is that I feel it important for you to know what is at risk. I wrote this manual as a guide. To show you how hackers gain access to your system using security flaws and programs. The theory goes that if you are aware of what they are doing and how they are doing it you’ll be in a much better position to protect yourself from these attacks. 


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