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December 12, 2011


If you've found your way to this guide, and you're asking yourself, well what the heck is BT, you've gotten a little ahead of yourself. That's OK. Just take a look for the BT FAQ in the Getting Started section of the Groove.
By now, you should have gotten pretty familiar with BitTorrent, shorten, md5s, and maybe even flac. But you're just not sure what it takes to get your show out there.
I haven't seen a good guide out there that really condenses it all together. Yes, there are several threads out there, but one can easily get lost in all the good information found in them.
This guide is an attempt to compile a lot of that information in here and dummy it down. Perhaps it's a fairly common show, perhaps not. It might have even been a show that you taped. Whatever the case, you want to share it with others bur aren't quite sure how. This guide should be your answer.


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