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December 12, 2011


In this part . . . 
You need a good foundation if you’re going to build anything useful and long lasting. In this part, I make sure that you have a good foundation for the topics in rest of the book. Here you discover the basics of queries, forms, and reports that you really need but that you may have missed up until now.Without forms and reports an Access database is just a jumble of hardto-
use information.
But with really good forms and reports that same database becomes both informative and a joy to use. Well-designed forms and reports make your Access databases into something that’s far beyond the ordinary in utility, ease of use, and flexibility. 

If you’ve been playing around with Access for a while, you have probably at least tried to create some forms and reports. Maybe some of your efforts didn’t seem too bad, but you’ve probably had your share of frustration, too. Creating forms and reports that really do what you want them to do can be an awfully exasperating experience. In this chapter, I show you a number of interesting things about forms, reports, and their sidekick queries so that you can see what each of them can do and why they’re all important. You discover how queries can enhance the capabilities of forms and reports. I finish up the chapter by very briefly introducing you to some really cool tools that (find out even more about them in 


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